Anchorage Urban Fellows

Anchorage Urban Fellows is a nine-month long fellowship program that places dynamic college graduates in some of Anchorage's most significant civic institutions. By immersing the fellows in the Anchorage community, the program aims to curate an amazing nine-month experience for its participants and, more broadly, provide a pipeline of young talent and energy into Anchorage’s (and Alaska's) economy and community life.

Anchorage Urban Fellows is a hybrid of two successful postgraduate fellowship programs — Sitka Winter Fellows and New York City Urban Fellows.

The program will start in September 2017 with an inaugural class of 5-6 recent college grads who want to make an impact in Anchorage and Alaska. Anchorage Urban Fellows will live communally, creating a sense of community and a literal home for the program.

The class of Anchorage Urban Fellows will be backed by a team of the well-connected and generally wonderful members of the Anchorage community (the “support team”), who help make connections and introductions, integrate the class of Urban Fellows into the Anchorage community (e.g., go to Arctic Entries, AFN Convention, Anchorage International Film Fest), and share high-octane Alaska experiences in outdoor, civic, and community life.

Fellows will receive a $250/week living stipend as well as housing. In addition, the program provides its Urban Fellows opening and end-of-year retreats and a funded mid-year trip and other perks throughout the year. Fellows will live in South Addition overlooking Westchester Lagoon, an awesome Anchorage location a few blocks from downtown and proximate to Anchorage’s outdoor and cultural hubs.

About Us

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins is the creator and a co-coordinator of the Anchorage Urban Fellows program. He was born and raised in Sitka, Alaska, attended Yale College, and now represents his hometown and 21 other rural Southeast communities as the youngest member of Alaska House of Representatives. Prior to the Urban Fellows, Jonathan started several programs that bring young people and energy into Sitka, including the Sitka Winter Fellows program. (

Ira Slomski-Pritz is a co-coordinator of the Urban Fellows Program. He is a graduate of Yale College, an alumnus the Sitka Winters Program, and has spent the past three summers getting to know less-urban parts of Alaska working as a NOLS instructor. (